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Les Dedans is a curated design and architecture online magazine.

We roam the world for the latest industry news and key issues, projects, stylish places and the most interesting aspects of design culture that you, as a style seeker, simply must know.

All of our stories are based on in-house research, on the daily reception of press releases, coverage of international brands in the field, interviews, exhibitions and fairs and are written, edited and designed by our editorial team. We only share our favourites!

We feature news and inside reports to a community of architects, designers, engineers, press members, academics, students and enthusiasts interested in the design and architecture field and the built environment. The site offers a selection of the most innovative projects, places and creatives from around the world, supplemented by local news that covers developments in the region’s creative scene, to give it added relevance to its targeted audience. We are looking for content that is fresh, newsworthy, innovative and has a good story behind it.

Our website aims to serve as Romanian designers’ and architects’ main source for information and inspiration and to be the easiest way for the savvy community to discover amazing projects, seeking out with an equal emphasis on influential brands and names, emerging and undiscovered talent.


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From “Interiors and Interiority” by BeateSöntgen and Ewa Lajer-Burcharth